The Latest From AWD Digital (4 Ways To Thrive In The Current Business Climate)

12 May 2020

The world is experiencing an unprecedented pandemic that has forced the majority of businesses to either close or shift the way they operate. Our digital agency is working around the clock to ensure our clients pivot their business’ direction into a sustainable and profitable one in order to thrive in the current climate. There are four key areas that we’ve noticed have increased in popularity that you can take advantage of to help your business thrive – let’s take a look at what those are.

1. eCommerce

Due to the social distancing and isolation rules that have been put into place – people are rarely going out to purchase things – which means they’re turning to online shopping for even the barest of necessities such as food and sanitary products. Even retail stores which are still able to remain open aren’t getting much foot traffic and are instead improving their eCommerce features to ensure their customers have a smooth online experience.

With the hospitality and fitness industries being forced to shutter their doors we’re seeing a lot of remote gym memberships being sold for online sessions and certain cafes that lacked a digital presence beforehand have now had to go online to stay ahead of the competition.

This new landscape has created a larger demand for eCommerce-capable websites. A solidly built, easily navigable and intuitive website can almost be seen as a substitute for customer service in the current climate, so businesses need to ensure that theirs is up to the task of servicing their customers.


2. Live chat

The live chat feature has always been a great alternative to calling and is now seeing a rise in demand and use as businesses have less staff to manage customer support. The live chat feature allows even a single employee to handle multiple queries simultaneously – making for a more efficient experience and ensuring that everyone gets their queries answered.


3. Mobile apps

The innovative creativity coming out of people in isolation is truly staggering and impressive. Our digital agency has seen entertainment, fitness and food delivery apps being taken to a whole new level. The best part is, the demand is there. Google has seen a significant increase in the demand for fitness apps in the last month as more and more people are forced to work out at home instead of the gym.

Whilst picking up takeaway is encouraged from your favourite eateries, a lot of people are finding it simpler to have their favourite dishes delivered which is forcing businesses like Deliveroo and UberEats to find new ways to simultaneously appease their customers and also help the eateries stay afloat – whether this is through discounted dishes or encouraging tips.


4. Digital marketing

Since people are much more active online, a lot more businesses are starting to beef up their digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing strategies such as SEO are more important than ever for businesses to be noticed and stand out amongst the masses – especially since a lot of businesses will be all upping their digital marketing budget and strategies at once.

Mediums such as Google ads, social media posts and email marketing are still quite effective alongside SEO. Of course, the other factor to consider is the type of industry you’re in as industries such as tourism and face-to-face entertainment (concerts, food festivals etc.) have taken a heavy hit and aren’t receiving any online traffic.

One of our own clients has seen a huge increase in traffic over the last three months through the comprehensive SEO strategy that we tailored for their business – taking their weekly traffic from the 100s to the 1000s.


Digital consultancy

Finding the perfect digital agency in Melbourne is key to establishing a solid digital strategy. At AWD Digital – we love helping businesses thrive and grow. We handle all facets of digital marketing including designing and building custom websites and mobile/web applications and planning/implementing SEO strategies. Our impressive portfolio of projects showcases the plethora of websites and apps we’ve built across a range of industries.

Our Director, Soushi, and BDM, Esther, are available to provide you with a free consultation to hear your ideas and help you with anything digital. Please contact us by filling out the enquiry form on our website or calling +61 3 9001 6255.