5 Reasons Why Copywriting Is Vital To Any Digital Project

10 July 2020

The word copywriter can confuse some people. The word itself almost implies the copying of content – but the truth couldn’t be further from that. A copywriter’s job is to populate a website with original, and SEO-charged written content so that the site can rank efficiently on Google and be easily read by users. In truth, a copywriter is one of the fundamentals of any digital marketing company – and here are five reasons why.


1. Specialists in their field

Like with anything – digital designers, coders etc. – copywriters are efficient in their field and ensure the job is done properly. Sure, you could write your own website’s content, but the experience, knowledge and training is the defining factor between okay copy and fantastic copy – and trust us, the quality makes all the difference as that’s a significant part of what Google looks at when it ranks websites.


2. SEO-savvy

We’ve covered search engine optimisation in the past, and we know how important it is for websites as it’s essentially almost an end-goal to rank successfully on Google and bring in more traffic. Well, a big part of ranking – and maintaining said rank – comes from copywriters and their ability to produce quality and relevant, original content that populates your website and improves conversions – ultimately heightening its digital visibility.

The tricky part comes in when there are several pages that may offer the same service but in different areas, for example, so a copywriter has to rewrite the same thing but from an entirely new perspective each time in order to make that page seem unique. On top of this – maintaining a website’s rank can be helped by regularly posting on the website in the form of blog articles that target specific keywords.

The nuances of seamlessly inserting said keywords into blogs and web pages is an art that is honed only from years of constant practise and insight. The combination of quality, tailored content and keywords that target specific audiences is key in improving conversion rates and turning visitors into paying customers.


3. Excellent translators

Copywriters are experts at taking small bits of information and expanding on them to populate websites. This comes in handy when a digital marketing company is communicating with a client. All the client has to do is simply explain what information they’d like on their site in dot points and the copywriter can further interview them to gather more information or independently research further.

It’s this sort of efficiency that saves time going back and forth and also ensures an efficient result. In some cases, client’s may find it difficult to verbalise what they would like to say and so copywriters can work closely with them to accurately convey the point across in an optimised format that is both simple to read and easy to understand whilst also maintaining their brand-tone.


4. Highly versatile

An often-understated skill of any good copywriter is their ability to wear various hats when writing – changing their tone and direction where appropriate to suit the audience. Additionally, they know how to write for different mediums and platforms (blogs, website copy, EDM’s, Google Ads, social media etc.) – each of which carries with it its own set of rules and strategies for better optimisation. Through extensive research and investigation, they can better understand the intended audience and find out exactly what they want to hear – tailoring the content to appeal to them directly in addition to being SEO-friendly.


5. Takes the pressure off of clients

Writing content can take up a lot of time. And, if you’re a client thinking of tackling the copy yourself, that time be better directed at other things. Copywriters can take a huge weight off of a client’s shoulders, giving them peace of mind knowing that their website is in safe, experienced hands – hands that can effectively type out an incredible number of words per minute. Copywriters can also come in with a fresh and objective perspective which can end up revealing marketing aspects of a client’s business that may not have been considered before.


Are you looking for a copywriter?

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