Experience our laser-targeted
Google Ads strategy and management.


Anyone can set up a Google Ads campaign, but not everyone can create one that converts. There are many areas business owners typically go wrong – from the incorrect setup of keywords and geo targeting, to a landing page misalignment. Over the life of a campaign, these discrepancies can cost your business thousands in worthless clicks that offer little to no return.

AWD Digital will push your Google Ads campaign in the right direction. As Google Partners, we are hot on the heels of the ever-changing best practices. We know exactly how to rectify the mistakes your campaign is making right now. Our campaigns achieve instant visibility and fast-growing results that generate an impressive ROI.

We specialise in assisting businesses with setting up comprehensive Google Ads campaigns, including search, display network, shopping, video, mobile, and remarketing. Our expertise ensures that your campaigns are targeted to the right audience to maximise your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and achieve optimal results.

We craft ad campaigns
in 3 key steps.

Step 1

We conduct an audit of your existing campaign. Any inconsistencies or errors will be noted in a detailed audit report.

Step 2

The audit report acts like our checklist. After we rectify the areas in the report, we toughen up the rest of your campaign to focus on generating a higher ROI.

Step 3

Your campaign goes live. We monitor it closely to ensure it’s exceeding expectations, and if it isn’t, we test and adjust different components that will hit the mark – spot on.