AWD Digital x On Alert Pty Ltd

A digital training application that provides healthcare staff with the qualifications to respond appropriately in emergency scenarios. 



Service breakdown

  • Website design & development
  • Web application development
  • SEO & Google Advertising
  • Print Brochure Design

Project synopsis

On Alert Pty Ltd wanted to translate the emergency training program in Victoria to a modern, digital format. AWD Digital aimed to make the OnAlert® web application interactive, engaging and customisable for each hospital client. 


What is OnAlert®

OnAlert® is the complete solution for the delivery of healthcare fire and emergency response training. To ensure staff in high-risk settings such as hospitals or aged care facilities are trained when an emergency scenario such as fire, staff have to complete regular training modules to ensure they remain qualified to respond in a given situation.

OnAlert® has provided an online solution to the delivery of emergency response credentials, rather than a traditional pen and paper test. Making it comprehensive, engaging and highly interactive.

OnAlert® in a nutshell

Custom Portal

AWD Digital created a ‘back-end’ portal for administration staff at hospitals to customise the details of the training module to their requirements and get a snapshot of which staff passed and failed the course.

Dynamic Data Customisation

Administrators can select which choice of words is preferred for their unique hospital jargon. AWD Digital has generated a custom script that changes which words are narrated and displayed within the course based on the back-end customisation by administrators.

Assessments + Certificate

After completing the training modules, users are prompted to complete a short assessment based on the Australian Standard 4083-2010, Planning for emergencies in healthcare facilities.

Interactive Practice Simulations

AWD coded several practice simulations within the modules to enhance user engagement and make the web application interactive. The simulations involve static images overlayed in a layer format. AWD Digital developed a script that recognised what objects can be clicked and what order they should be clicked in. Some selections prompt a pop-up question, where the user has to select the correct answer to proceed.

What we aimed to achieve

On Alert Pty Ltd contacted AWD Digital with the intention of modernising emergency response training. By digitising the training, we’ve made the whole process straightforward, time saving and cost-effective for hospitals and healthcare workers. AWD Digital aimed to create an engaging, high quality and interactive OnAlert® platform that stuck with users to remember the training for longer, resulting in safer workplaces during emergency scenarios. 

View the application: