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Bringing anxiety and stress alleviation to those who need it

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Service breakdown

  • Branding (logo design & brand style guide)
  • UX/UI design
  • App development
  • Hosting and API
  • Ongoing support

Project synopsis

Anxiety Solutions sought a mobile application that drilled down to the core reasoning behind someone’s anxiety or stress, helping the user identify it and effectively guiding them out of that headspace into a more pragmatic state.

@One inception

The concept of @One began over 40 years ago for Renee Mill — now a Senior Clinical Psychologist and found of Anxiety Solutions – and flourished over the years from a dream into a workable system that aims to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Limited by the technology of the time, the @One mobile application is the terminus of four decades of clinical experience and research. When AWD digital heard the concept from Renee, we knew right away that we wanted to bring this notion to life.

How @One seeks to help

@One helps those afflicted with anxiety or stress by offering a four-step remediation solution.

Describe — Multiple-choice options carefully curated to understand the situation.

Identify — Recognition of what led to the current state of anxiety or stress.

Choose — Moving forward using a series of tools designed to improve user outlook.

Re-rate and self-motivate — Realise the strength it took to move forward and use the techniques you’ve learnt to keep going.

The AWD Digital approach

Our app team broke down this project into a series of key objectives:
Anxiety Solutions' input was vital to perfecting the app, so we adopted a collaborative and agile approach to guarantee results.
The UI/UX was the number one consideration. The user would need to seamlessly navigate the app whilst also feeling safe and relaxed.
Registered users would need to be kept in the loop. We opted for MailChimp integration with scheduled emails automated to go out to all users, further enhancing the @One experience.
A flexible and simple backend was key to ensuring content and media could be updated seamlessly.

App Snapshot

Account Registration

Allows Users to sign in for a personalised and comfortable experience.

Multiple Choice Questions

Present the ability to highlight both broad and narrow challenges to calculate an efficient response.

Detailed and Concise Knowledge

Perfectly curated to inform the user of the methodology behind the four-step technique.

Professional Tools

Intended to help the user understand the reasons behind their anxiety and stress, and assist them in future situations.

A simple way to alleviate anxiety and stress

Every user has a unique situation, so each response to the questions required an equally unique solution. @One gauges how the user is feeling and offers the best way forward. We worked closely with the team at Anxiety Solutions to condense the evidence-based and practised medical theory that fuelled the app’s concept and packaged it into a straightforward yet incredibly intuitive application available on all mobile platforms.

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@One - Pause and Reset
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