We enabled this supplier of secondhand automotive parts to display and
sell their extensive inventory online.

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TOYLEX R Us is a fast-growing automotive parts retailer based in Melbourne.

To support their rapid expansion in Australia, TOYLEX R Us required a new website that would be able to keep up with customer demands. They needed an eCommerce website that would be able to facilitate and execute online purchases, from product display to delivery.

We met the goals of TOYLEX R Us head-on. We designed and developed a mobile-friendly website that utilised innovative search features, guaranteeing a fantastic user experience. The secure and scalable backend of the site – combined with our UX-optimised web design – ultimately made for a quality eCommerce product that could easily match the growth pace of TOYLEX R Us.

Simplifying search

Let’s talk technology. To instantly search among thousands of TOYLEX R Us products, we implemented a smart elastic search feature that grabbed all the most relevant products – in record time. This advanced eCommerce feature ensured that the best results were retrieved in the shortest amount of time, resulting in high-performance data searching capabilities.

  • Emerald Green

  • Midnight Black

  • Wet Asphalt

  • Light Grey


Inventory management
made easy.

A good eCommerce site serves both the customer and the site manager. Built through custom Magneto 2 hosting, the TOYLEX R Us website truly streamlines the user experience for both parties. We used an integrated API for a scalable connection to the site’s backend. The advanced API system helped automate stock management, syncing inventory information from a central database. Not only did this cut out hours of manual management every week, but it was more accurate and cost-effective, too.

Inviting conversions
through design.

We used a number of unique features to encourage more conversions on the TOYLEX R Us website. One of these was our LiveChat initiative, specifically designed to increase user engagement, boost conversions and capture user information to fuel future remarketing campaigns. Another was our shipping module, which we created through TNT Express. This module calculated exact shipping costs for customers based on the products they ordered, making their eCommerce experience easy, precise and memorable.