Turn your visitors into paying customers
with a website design that fits.


A website is the biggest marketing asset of any business in the modern age – so it’s important to get it right. Think of your website like a digital shopfront with 24/7 visibility and the capacity to attract your most profitable conversions.

At AWD Digital, we create websites that help lay a strong foundation for your online presence. Through our original, user-friendly websites, your business will have its own platform that customers can interact with around the clock. And when you work with our web design and development team, you’ll be able to unlock the true potential of your business online.

Red23 Real Estate

Guiding home buyers, property sellers and renters to success on their property journeys with a fully branded and beautiful website. View Project

Buckmaster Hawkey

Making it easy for users to find and apply for jobs – or create a job listing – through Melbourne’s first and trusted real estate recruitment agency. View Project

Goorambat Solar Farm

Using content and design to create a community-focused website that affirms the positive impacts of a new proposed solar farm.

We’ll help you
take control

Join forces with our
in-house creatives

We’ll translate your brand identity into a user-centric web design.

Our in-house web design and development team will apply your vision to a website that maximises user experience (UX). The design process also runs simultaneously to content creation, which we designate to our experienced content team. Then, during the development stage, we transform this design into code, fortifying and strengthening your website’s reliability and usability.

Stand out from competitors

We don’t use templates and we don’t cut corners.

Everything we create is custom designed by our experienced web designers and developers. We conceptualise our very own limitless designs that will help your business attract (and capture) the right audience. We write the code and run the tests to ensure your custom website achieves an optimal page speed and great user experience. And before your website goes out into the world, we conduct meticulous testing and debugging for solid verification that your site’s reliability and security is air-tight.

Be the driver of your success

We’ll give you training on how to take the wheel of your website’s backend.

We build all our websites through an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that you’ll be able to master in no time. Our custom websites are designed to be scalable, meaning you can have entire elements adjusted without impacting any other part of your site. The result? Full flexibility and freedom to stay ahead of industry trends and changes in the way your business operates.