Custom strategies for long term growth, success, benefit


At AWD Digital we believe strategy is not ‘one size fits all.’ We optimise our marketing tactics based on factors such as client marketing positioning, competitor research, persona profiling and budget to develop a long-term marketing strategy.

A marketing map to support the entire digital business function

We combine business, design and advertising decisions to help in the growth of your business by connecting you with the right people using the right tools and tactics. This growth may take time and your strategy may change and evolve with the landscape, but having a digital strategy provides a guide and objectives to follow. Often, clients will come to us with a diagnosis that one of their marketing efforts isn’t working, or they don’t know how to execute it. At AWD, we provide holistic digital assistance to help you achieve your business objectives.

Why have a digital strategy?

Digital strategy is the cornerstone of any modern business. To remain competitive, your brand must be up to date with the latest technologies and strategies to avoid your customers and clients being swallowed up by competitors. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to do this part alone. We are here to grow with you.

At AWD Digital, we stay up to date with the latest trends in SEO and digital marketing so if the digital landscape changes, we can help you modify your strategy accordingly.

The Digital Strategy Process



During the research stage, we deep dive into your brand, business objectives and goals. We collaborate with you to understand what your business objectives are, who is your target audience, how you plan on scaling, your Unique Selling Propositions (USP’s), strengths, weaknesses and more. We analyse your competitors and benchmark them to develop a customised marketing strategy.


At the core of most marketing strategies is the customers' persona. Profiling your ideal customers helps marketing departments, designers and businesses gain a more detailed and personal understanding of their target audience. We create personas to identify your target audience characteristics, and further develop your digital marketing strategy around your consumer’s needs. This allows us to integrate your personas' behavioural characteristics into our design and digital marketing campaigns.


If you are already a business with an existing strategy, we will review it by completing a thorough and holistic audit of all your marketing platforms. In order to determine how your desired goals can be achieved, we analyse your intended goals and strategies in detail. This may include a detailed SEO analysis, website design, social media metrics, Google ad strategy etc. Our review and analysis will usually take the form of a full-day workshop with you, which allows us time to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business.


To optimise your marketing strategy, we provide recommendations for areas of improvement based on your specific requirements. Or, if you are looking for a total recalibration, we will map out an entire custom digital strategy for long-term business growth. This helps you align with your objectives. We can also help you explore new channels that may have been overlooked with prior strategies – such as campaigns for social media platforms.


However, this is not where our service ends. The digital business environment is fast-changing and unpredictable. Using our Kaizen Methodology, we work with you to examine your strategies, channels, and services consistently over time, to find out which campaigns are most effective, and which are underperforming - adjusting your strategy accordingly.

Organic growth
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Accent Estimating

We optimised the website to remove bad practice SEO such as poor loading times and keyword stuffing. We adopted a new SEO strategy, optimising for long-tail keywords to help Accent Estimating attract more local traffic.

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Increase in organic traffic in 14 months
Response time improved