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SarasCare is a not-for-profit organisation that was built for the sole purpose of fighting against cases of extreme violence and female feticide – saving millions of girls a year. The Australian-born idea is thanks to the combined efforts of a wide multicultural team who have developed an innovative technological solution to simplify and improve the fight against the tragic notion that some people have.

Though this social injustice primarily affects women in India and China, it is starting to affect women globally as well. One of the technological achievements that SarasCare have developed is their web and mobile app.

Their app simplifies the way that anyone can fight the social injustice that is female feticide by allowing the user to anonymously report any instances of discriminatory abortion. The application is currently available through web browsers and will soon be released as a mobile app. Through this, the selfless team behind SarasCare is working to unite people from different backgrounds to raise awareness and stop the unfair treatment.


SarasCare is working towards achieving its goal of mission ZERO – that is, no female is killed based on their gender. The type of abortions they’re working towards ending is also based purely on gender – where the decision is made right after it is found that the child will be female. This can put a lot of stress on families and women in general as they can be pressured and even at times forced into aborting their child purely because of the gender.

This predominantly occurs in India and China and is getting worse with each passing day. There are a variety of reasons behind feticide such as the dowry system. In Indian culture, because marriage is traditionally viewed as gaining a social standing or financial boost – payment must be made by the family of a female when she marries.

Because women are not as fortunate to have as many opportunities as men in these areas, the dowry is required to be paid to make up for this. This is why some families turn to feticide. Even though the Indian government has declared it illegal to disclose the sex of a foetus before it is born to help prevent feticide – it is still a prominent issue that occurs regularly.

The strong stance taken by the Indian government encouraged SarasCare to take part in the fight. Defined by their six core values (trust, reliability, experience, expertise, respect and justice) their journey to mission ZERO is helped by activists, educators, economists, policymakers, medical professionals, technologists and visionaries. Together, the goal becomes more achievable every day.