How we took JPG Plumbing to the top

JPG Plumbing came to us with a brand logo and a dream to compete with the industry heavy-hitters.
So, we built them a website and made that happen.

The Company

JPG Plumbing offers a full suite of residential and commercial plumbing services and maintenance solutions. With a highly trained professional team, JPG has become a powerful force operating throughout Melbourne’s East and South East and are constantly expanding. They offer 24/7 repair and maintenance services and are well-equipped to tackle any plumbing issue with their fully licensed and well-experienced team.

The Challenge

JPG Plumbing was a brand-new business when we began working with them. They came to us with just a logo – no website and no digital marketing. Their ambition was to be the best of the best – to be able to compete with some of the largest plumbing businesses in Melbourne.

Whilst their knowledge and experience were sound, they still needed the correct marketing strategy and digital presence to take their new business to the next level. Through this, they could then receive the traffic they were after and grow their market share whilst also increasing their revenue.


The Solution

Create a long term strategy that would compound over time.

A Compound Strategy

For starters, we built them a website. By researching their competitors and empathising with the target audience we were able to design, construct and implement an entirely custom website from scratch – effectively translating their brand into the digital space. The interactive website features a simplified UX design and other UI elements such as a visual map we tailor-made for them – highlighting the suburbs that JPG operate within.

We also implemented SEO strategies into their website to ensure they reached their target audience through organic searches on Google and other search engines. We employed local SEO marketing tactics to bolster the incoming traffic and customers from particular areas – instead of targeting the whole of Melbourne.


The Outcome

An increase in website traffic and overall rankings for key search terms.

3x monthly traffic

JPG Plumbing has skyrocketed to success since their beginnings and now operate in a large part of Melbourne’s Eastern and South Eastern suburbs – as well as the Melbourne CBD. Taking their brand online has certainly helped them reach the level they’re at now and has helped them realise their goal of competing with other large plumbing firms around Melbourne.

Over a 12-month period:


JPG Plumbing saw a 254% rise in traffic due to SEO.


Sales increased by 302%.


The website had a whopping 35 first-page Google results.