Kitchen It Yourself

We built these innovative kitchen builders a web app with eCommerce capabilities,
allowing their customers to visualise and price their dream kitchens.

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Kitchen It Yourself is a web application that seamlessly merges eCommerce and interior design.

The initial vision for Kitchen It Yourself was simple yet powerful: to enable customers to visualise and price their kitchen benchtops. This was the vision that would also allow customers to be in full control of their kitchen designs, enabling Kitchen It Yourself to stand out in the market for DIY renovators. When the founders of Kitchen It Yourself came to us with this idea, we wanted to make it happen.

After devising a brand strategy designed to reach the right audience, we mapped out a web app that worked on all devices. We built software that worked towards the goals of the project, incorporating photo imaging for realistic predictions on what the user’s kitchen benchtop would look like, and how much it would approximately cost. Running alongside this visualiser app was the eCommerce component of the website, which gave users the opportunity to source and purchase luxury major kitchen appliances. Using the eCommerce and web app components, Kitchen It Yourself successfully gave users the tools to be in full control of their kitchen design.

A brand you
won’t forget.

The first step in creating Kitchen It Yourself was crafting a brand that customers would remember. Since the web app concept was so innovative, we wanted to reflect its features through visual branding. After a few creative thinktanks and in-depth customer research, we came up with a strong design guide aimed at DIY renovators. We created a logo, style guide and typography that illustrated Kitchen It Yourself’s DIY aspect without losing their special touch of luxury.

Client collaboration from
start to finish.

We worked with the founders of Kitchen It Yourself at every step of the way to ensure a polished finished product. From the initial workshop where we discussed persona mapping and the customer journey, to designing the look and feel of the website, Kitchen It Yourself was always a collaboration. We also built a few unique features for Kitchen It Yourself, including photo imaging for stone benchtops and a price estimator that used exact materials and measurements to approximate a cost for the user. After some close finetuning with the app’s founders, we created something that put the user in total control of their kitchen design.

  • Medium Aqua

  • Pure Black

  • Light Gray

  • Silver


The finishing
eCommerce touches.

Aside from the visualiser tool, Kitchen It Yourself came to us with an extensive product range and an aspiration to sell both kitchen appliances and luxury stone finishes (including Caesarstone). Our UX/UI designers put together a website that made it easy for the user to navigate all these products, and even easier to purchase them. With payment gateways linked to PayPal and major banks, and a shipping module that streamlined the eCommerce logistics, Kitchen It Yourself soon had an impressive online store supporting their new web app.