How Melbourne on the Move tripled ​their monthly traffic

We helped Melbourne on the Move triple their monthly traffic through a
combination of targeted search terms and a long term content marketing strategy.


The Company

Melbourne on the Move provides transportation solutions such as coach hire services all over Victoria. Frequently partnering up with music festivals and other attractions, Melbourne on the Move provides safe and efficient transport to and from events – as well as offering private bus charters for schools, weddings and corporate events. The company has a fleet of buses and the drivers to complement them that all know the roads of Victoria like the back of their hands.

The Challenge

When Melbourne on the Move came to us, they were receiving an inconsistent number of referrals, nothing steady or frequent. They wanted to turn that into something more solid as well as expand their business by providing more services to a diverse range of events.

Their aim was to be the number one charter bus company in Victoria – so this meant increasing their market share and allowing them to rise above their competition. At the end of the day, they wanted to reach a larger market – improving their revenue.


The Solution

Create a long term strategy that would compound over time.

A Compound Strategy

Our solution to Melbourne on the Move’s dilemma required taking a step back and assessing all the relevant factors. We utilised our method of researching, planning, implementing and evaluating to tackle this case. By looking at their competition we were able to understand what their potential clients were looking for when it came to the design of the website as well as what the competition was implementing themselves.

We found their branding to be a bit outdated – so the first thing we did was completely redesign it, giving it a modern and honest look. We gave their website a complete overhaul by clearly defining their services, improving overall user experience and making the website mobile-friendly – which is an area it was lacking in prior. We also ensured that their key events were on their homepage – making them clearly visible to everyone.

Keywords were implemented in each webpage and are constantly being included in blogs that continue to strengthen the websites online presence and ranking in search engines such as Google. This SEO practise ensures the website is brought to the people who are searching for the relevant keywords. To measure the website’s performance – as well as its digital marketing – we implemented a conversion tracking module. This gave us a good indicator of what areas needed improving on.


The Outcome

An increase in website traffic and overall rankings for key search terms.

3x monthly traffic

Melbourne on the Move has seen a huge increase in business since employing our services. The new website has improved their conversion rates thanks to its enhanced usability, and their modernised branding gave the company a more trustworthy face. As well as bring in a plethora of new clients, the website also allowed the company to establish partnerships with more events around the state. They are currently the official transport partners for several major music festivals and events in Victoria.

Over a 12-month period:


The website increased by 200% in organic traffic thanks to SEO efforts.


Melbourne on the Move saw a 40% increase in revenue.


Online transactions from organic visitors increased by 91%.