Kings of the scrapyard

How we put Metal Men Recycling on the local map and grew their business.


The Company

If you’ve ever had scrap metal that you had no use for in your home or office, then Metal Men Recycling are the people you need to see. With an emphasis on sustainability, Metal Men buy your scrap metal and dispose of it in the most ethical way possible – which usually means melting it and turning it into recycled metal – saving wasted resources from mining for virgin ore in the process.

The Challenge

The business wanted to reach more customers. Their biggest problem was that people in their own area didn’t know that they existed or where they were. So, they wanted to spread awareness to their local community and neighbouring suburbs to draw in as much local business as they could.

Another issue based on a lot of feedback was that people weren’t able to find their physical location and would get lost along the way – which was a huge issue as it discouraged some. Essentially, Metal Men wanted to grow their revenue and put themselves on the map – cementing their position as scrap metal recyclers in Pakenham.


The Solution

Create a long term strategy that would compound over time.

A Compound Strategy


Metal Men Recycling already had a website and branding when they came to us, but we took it to the next level. We redesigned their logo and completely updated their website. Concentrating on user-centred design, we made it more navigable and attractive using various UX/UI elements. To fix their issue regarding customers not being able to find them, we implemented a custom-made Google map that highlighted their exact location and directions off the main road.

Metal Men provided a lot more services than just purchasing and recycling scrap metal, so we helped them to define those services – as well as categorised the specific types of metals they buy – so that customers knew the full scope of their business. The product pages dealing with the particular metals were written specifically to address common questions – aligning with Google’s Hummingbird search algorithm – reinforcing the websites SEO presence.

With SEO, we targeted the local market first and secured the business’ position amongst them before expanding to keywords such as “Metal Recycling Melbourne” – which aimed at a broader audience.


The Outcome

An increase in website traffic and overall rankings for key search terms.

2x Monthly Traffic

Metal Men Recycling has grown exponentially since employing our services and have seen great results. Their improved website – which is constantly being updated by our team – serves as their digital storefront and stands out amongst other scrap metal recyclers.

In 12-months:


The business has seen 30+ of their keywords appear on Google first pages.


There has been a +100% increase in SEO-based traffic.


+40% of leads generated have been from organic traffic.