South Energy

We created eight CMS websites for these thought-leaders who are paving the way in Australia’s solar farm industry –
making it easier to educate local communities on their work.

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Brand Identity

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South Energy are driven and committed to providing clean energy to Australia.

With an emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly methods – South Energy are building solar farms all around Australia. With most of them being built near small towns – South Energy wanted to ensure that the local communities understood the full extent of the project and had a platform where they could communicate with the farm’s executives.

The Solar Farm developers approached us to build eight websites for them – one for each solar farm project plus their own company website. The result was eight custom websites that were unique in their own way but still stayed true to the branding style – blending stunning gradient colours and minimalistic design.

UX first

South Energy’s websites needed to be easily navigable and accessible so the local communities could find out all the information they were after. This meant interactive graphics and media as well as short, snappy paragraphs of content to match the site’s minimalism. Each project website was given its own colour palette that was distinctive – yet, paid tribute to the company’s overall palette, acting as an extension.


Community driven

Undertaking such large-scale projects near small towns raises several concerns – but it also brings with it some benefits. The projects require labour to build as well as employees to operate them upon completion – not to mention the local businesses that will boom due to increased traffic. These are all things that we communicated through their project websites as South Energy wanted the local communities to feel safe and secure with the project. This included custom contact forms as well as a news page where the townsfolk can keep up to date with any public forums that were being held.

  • Electric Blue

  • Deep Sky Blue

  • Gainsboro

  • Dark Gray


Visualising the

Through stunning graphics and seamless design – South Energy has been able to inform the public about the facts and benefits of their seven solar farms. Through eight distinguishing websites that all complement each other, the company can now continue to bring the future into the present.