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Service breakdown

  • UX/UI Design
  • App Development
  • Hosting and API

Project synopsis

Steel Mains wanted to build an app that offered a complete solution for water pipe professionals on and off the field — the ultimate tool that allowed access to an extensive library of information and practical calculators for easy measurements.

Behind the steel curtain

The distribution of water and wastewater is something we take for granted — but behind the curtain lies Steel Mains, Australia’s leading provider of complete steel pipe solutions.

The versatility of steel pipes is vital to Australia’s national water distribution infrastructure, which is why Steel Mains decided to simplify the work by merging modern technology with their vast knowledge and expertise.

The AWD Digital approach

The AWD Digital app team took a step back and looked at the bigger picture to help break down the key objectives:
As the calculator is the app’s primary tool, there was an emphasis on precision regarding the complex formulas. This required scrupulous attention to detail and routine reviews with the client to ensure the utmost accuracy.
The extensive library of information contained within the app called for thorough cataloguing so everything could be easily located through both manual browsing and specific searching.
We knew that everyone from on-site contractors to engineers would be using the app, so a straightforward UX was developed so professionals could find what they needed aptly in any environment or situation.
So the Steel Mains team could easily manage content and feedback, the backend was custom-built. Visits to each part of the app can be tracked against the type of user that visited them to improve internal operations.

The Steel Mains app in a nutshell

Unique calculators

Five unique calculators purpose-built with intricate formulas to produce precise results.

Steel Mains products

Access to the full and extensive range of Steel Mains products from pipes to accessories.

Universal search bar

Making access to all product specifications and information easy.

Videos and FAQs

Designed to educate and expand product and installation knowledge

The ultimate pipe encyclopedia

Steel Mains came to AWD Digital with the intent of making the lives of engineers, designers, contractors, managers and everyone in between who worked on water pipelines easier and more knowledgeable — and, with the new Steel Mains application, that intent has been accomplished. Users can easily search for the exact product they require — whether it’s pipes, joints, fittings, coatings, linings or pipe accessories — and access a wealth of knowledge and resources. This accessible pocket encyclopedia is secured with two-factor SMS authentication and is available now on Android and Apple mobile devices and is even optimised for use on iPads.

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