The Power Of Video Marketing

1 April 2020

The world has evolved when it comes to marketing – it’s no longer just about giant billboards or full-page spreads in hip magazines. The modern-day digital marketing company has to keep up with the times and online video marketing is one of the biggest and exciting methods used in today’s marketing landscape.


Why is video marketing so popular now?

With the entire world being connected to the internet and to one another – their attention spans seem to have shortened. Whenever we’re waiting for something – a doctor’s appointment, food order or even something as trivial as a video game to load – we turn to our smart devices to kill the time no matter how short it is.

It’s this short attention span that allows us to predominantly look into visuals that excite us and stimulate our senses. This is where video marketing comes into the mix. With social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn gaining in popularity each day, digital agencies have to keep up and find new ways to target their audience – which, thanks to the internet, is becoming larger with each passing day.


They’re snappy, engaging and they convert.

Whilst there are long-form marketing videos, the bulk of them tend to be short and snappy – drawing the consumer in and converting them within seconds. It’s also easier for someone to relate to a product when they can see it in action or hear it being explained to them. If done correctly, videos can be really engaging and powerful tools.

If you’re aiming to convert the market on Instagram, then short videos only half a minute long are your best bet. In fact, studies have shown that 40% of consumers will move on if the video hasn’t loaded with 10 seconds. Other platforms such as YouTube or LinkedIn will benefit from longer videos as the audience is more likely to stay even if the video is a bit longer. Why? Different audience.

If you’re on YouTube, which is solely a video platform, then you’re not going to be bothered if the video is a little longer. A similar principle applies to LinkedIn, where the audience tends to be more corporate and professional. So, if the content is solid, a longer video is not an issue.


Different forms of video marketing

Whilst the ultimate goal is to sell a product or service, several avenues can be taken to achieve this. You can outrightly advertise a product or you can use the video as an explainer. Webinars are also gaining popularity in recent years as they’re great ways for other professionals (or anyone for that matter) to pick up new skills and learn more about a certain field.


Endless versatility

One of the beauties of video marketing is that if you have the skill and the time – you can create some truly magical creations using graphics and effects. This makes the possibilities truly endless. You might not need a human in the video at all, it may be all graphics or product-based and with some creativity and ingenuity, something like that can be pulled off. The full potential of a marketing video can be seen in larger companies such as Apple, whose promotional videos are always a visual spectacle.


It’s great for SEO

Speaking long-term, SEO is a fantastic method to get your products and services out there on Google organically. Thankfully, Google actually recognises videos as being great for SEO – provided they’re optimised correctly. For starters, you should consider hosting the video on your own server instead of embedding it from another site like YouTube – this also helps for when you need to use rich snippets.

The next step is to bolster the video’s optimisation by including a keyword-relevant title and description. Another handy trick is to include the video’s transcript (subtitles) as it will index more efficiently and also help people who watch it without sound – as 85% of all Facebook videos are actually viewed without sound. You should also aim to have one video per page and make it front and centre so it’s easier to find.


Looking for a digital marketing company?

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