Distinctive logos tailored to represent your
business’ services and goals.


When bringing your brand to the digital space, you’re going to want to stand out. An effective and unique logo that really speaks to your customers is the best way to do this – and AWD Digital is the perfect team to do it.

Our designers are experts at creating custom and bespoke brand logos that are tailor-made to suit your business. We understand that it’s not just about sharing your services – but your values and goals too. We’ll take that in mind and employ various typography and iconography methods to ensure that your logo relays everything you want it to.

Centred around your

What we produce will be entirely unique and custom. We use our creative minds that can understand what will speak to your clientele through in-depth research. Utilising carefully selected colour palettes in combination with relevant fonts and design – we can ensure your business strategy and objectives are accurately communicated.

Our Approach

Understanding your business

We’ll need to learn as much about your business as possible if we’re going to design an effective and outstanding logo. This means discussing your goals, target audience, strengths and how you want the market to see you.


Market research

This is where we take a look at your competitors and see what they’re doing – as well as any trends or relevant concepts in the market. You’ll want something modern and relevant – so it’s best to stay with the times but also stand-out.


Conceptualising the ideas we’ve carefully crafted in our minds and putting them to paper is important as it gives us a chance to see the first drafts and modify them. The physical manifestation of the ideas helps us further improve the logo.

Review and final design

This phase is where you will see the draft and let us know how you feel about it. If there are any changes you’d like made, then we will revise accordingly and submit a final version for you to approve.


We’ll provide your logo to you in a variety of different formats to ensure it can be used across your digital identity – giving you a format for every platform and application. On top of this – we’ll also provide a style guide explaining the colours and typography designs we’ve used. This acts as a rulebook explaining the direction we’ve chosen.