Surge your conversions through EDMs
that shine through inbox clutter.


Email direct marketing (EDM) campaigns are the best way to land your business right in your customers’ laps. (Or, perhaps more specifically, their inboxes). This valuable communication channel is powerful, direct and consistent. Did we mention it barely costs a dime?

At AWD Digital, we have years of experience in conceptualising and executing EDM campaigns that convert. Through our campaigns, our clients have successfully promoted products, improved brand recall and even sealed the deal on the customer’s conversion process.


Our EDMs work for
5 reasons.

1. You won’t be out of pocket.

Our email marketing package is highly cost-effective and designed for long-term sustainability. From skilfully-crafted templates to powerful written content, our team not only offers a low initial spend on EDMs – we also ensure a great ROI that continues to deliver with every campaign.

2. You’ll have access to
our custom templates.

Our easy-to-use custom templates can be accessed 24/7 for ultimate convenience. Created specifically to maximise leads and conversions, our templates are unique to the needs of your business. Whether you want to publish your own professional newsletter, or you want us to craft a catchy announcement email, we’ll be able to make it happen.

3. Your emails will
stand out.

Step above the email clutter in your customers’ inboxes. Our web design and development team creates custom templates designed to speak to your audience. Your EDMs will be integrated with your existing branding for a seamless addition to your array of marketing channels. And our in-house content team will fill your campaign with copy that is catchy, creative and conversion-friendly.

4. Your content will
be A/B tested.

Not sure which email subject line is going to result in a higher open rate? Why not test both! With our A/B testing, we’ll ensure every aspect of your EDM content is fully optimised to maximise the actions your user takes. Through your email campaign, A/B testing will ensure more users are clicking through to your website, primed and ready to convert.

5. Your campaign
results are tracked.

The first few hours of an email campaign are the most powerful. After your EDM has launched, we report back to you promptly with a detailed report on its success. You’ll find out the precise open rate, click through rate, and exactly where your users landed on your website as a result of the EDM.