In collaboration with this web app’s founders, we created a new,
distinctive resource that filled a niche gap in the landscaping market.

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PlantSelect is a unique web application making waves in the landscaping industry.

Before it was created, its founders came to us with an idea. They had devised a new concept that would minimise the time and effort required for landscape architects to source greenery. All they needed was a way to make that concept a reality.

We jumped on board and worked with the founders to map out this innovative new web application. By collaborating with their ideas, we created a feasible app that was hinged on an extensive database of landscapers and local nurseries. We also built a strong collection of plant-based information to streamline the sourcing process. PlantSelect was the final product: an invaluable resource that directly met the needs of the growing market.

Linking up questions
and answers.

The power behind the PlantSelect machine was the extensive database of products and suppliers. The PlantSelect founders came to us with this database, which was bursting at the seams with plant-based information – from the height and shape, to whether they were bird-attracting or not. After reviewing this database, we broke it down and categorised it, allowing for easy filtration.

That’s where our matching software came in. Looking for an evergreen shrub to fit in the corner of a garden? Thanks to our matching system, it was possible to find a supplier who would meet those exact requirements. After landscapers searched for a specific plant, our software was designed to notify relevant suppliers. These suppliers could then directly contact landscapers with competitive quotes. Ultimately, our software meant that PlantSelect could successfully serve the goals of both parties.

A personalised
user portal.

To help landscapers keep track of their orders on PlantSelect, we created an exclusive login portal. After signing up, users could view their individual dashboards. On the dashboard, users could access advanced search options, their orders for various projects, manual supplier searches, quote notifications and much more. The user portal wasn’t just a fancy addition to the new app – it streamlined the user’s overall experience with PlantSelect.

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dedicated hosting.

All our projects – including PlantSelect – are set up on dedicated servers. We don’t share the hosting, ensuring uptime runs at a consistent 99.9%. This was especially important for PlantSelect, because dedicated hosting meant the web app stayed scalable, maintainable and reliable. We also conducted frequent server health checks to certify the stability and security of the web app, resulting in an application that users could trust 24/7.