Buckmaster Hawkey

We gave these real estate recruiters a new online platform that helped link up
top employers and experienced job seekers.

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Buckmaster Hawkey is one of Melbourne’s leading recruitment agencies for the real estate industry.

As Melbourne’s very first real estate recruitment agency, Buckmaster Hawkey wanted to display their recruiting prowess with a website that catered to modern users. So we helped them out.

We designed a new website that was more user-friendly than ever before. We constructed a unique SEO and Google Ads strategy that targeted job seekers in the real estate industry. And we optimised and strengthened their social media presence, helping them to target and connect with individual industry professionals.

Designing the tools
for career success.

We transformed the Buckmaster Hawkey website into a job-seeking powerhouse. Using the branding from the old site, we developed a mobile-friendly interface for the optimal user experience. We also incorporated unique tools – such as a tax calculator and a job ad page – to streamline the recruiting process for the company and their clients.

Standing out
from the crowd.

Recruitment is a competitive industry. One of Buckmaster Hawkey’s biggest challenges was standing out from other competitors who also specialised in real estate recruitment. We answered this challenge with an SEO strategy that targeted specific job types, ultimately honing in on feasible keywords that captured a distinct audience.

  • Sunflower

  • Concrete Black

  • Clouds

  • Asbestos


Taking strategy
to social.

Our social media takeover for Buckmaster Hawkey focused on three key strategic pillars: job ads, blog promotions, and paid advertising. Through social media, we engaged audiences with branded job listings on key platforms like LinkedIn. We also shared rich recruitment-based information that led users back to Buckmaster Hawkey’s website, resulting in a social campaign that supported their overall online presence.

The results
speak volumes.


Increase in organic Australian traffic through our 12-month SEO strategy


Bounce rate improvement through the website we designed


Increase in Google Ads conversion rate in just 7 months